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Our Services

For Emergencies: Call +31-(0)85 0600 112

Emergency assistance services

Our in-house multilingual specialists and medical teams are on hand 24/7. Sympathetic and anticipatory, they are equipped with the skills to efficiently handle any situation that may arise.

In addition, our case handlers can translate the majority of global languages and will always communicate with you in your preferred language.


Transport of infectious patients

Has a patient tested positive for COVID-19 or another highly contagious infection? We provide medical flights home or to a health care facility. Needless to say, we adhere to the most rigorous sanitation and safety guidelines.

Bedside to bedside

Our expert bedside to bedside services are prepared in great detail and aim to meet even the most specialised needs. We offer a wide array of aeromedical transport services, including in-flight critical patient care.

EASA Certified

Our air ambulances are fitted with intensive care equipment to provide optimal medical attention during transport, no matter the state of a patient’s health. If required, additional equipment can be installed on all aircraft.

EASA certified and type-specific rated, our flight crew is licensed to operate worldwide. Maintenance professionals check our aircraft before and after each mission.


Transport of newborns

Our neonatal and pediatric care teams include skilled flight crew and medical experts, who have performed numerous neonatal medical flights. They draw from extensive training and years of neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) experience, including the transportation of premature babies and children with complex congenital cardiac defects.

A leading medical air transport provider, we have a 100% flight safety record. Our safety protocols are according to the international accreditation standards.


Medical escorts

We own a fleet of ambulance aircraft but also offer medical transport on commercial flights. These long-distance medical escort services are highly cost-effective due to our in-house IATA travel desk solutions.

Our medical escorts are equipped with CPR devices, essential medication and monitoring units, among other equipment. As a result, they can provide care at any moment during the journey.


Unique and customised

Would you like to learn how we customise our services to meet your wishes? Feel free to contact us for more information.


Life Saving Human Organs LHO

Our Medical control Center in Amsterdam co-ordinates the transports of the surgery teams as well as the organ. It thus ensures a fast and efficient journey from the donor to the receiver, knowing that some organs can only be preserved over a very short period of time. Numerous people owe their lives to organ transportations we carried out every year.