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Auxilia AeroMedical Assistance

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In the world of repatriation, Auxilia AeroMedical Assistance shines a new light with her fleet of specialized ambulance aircraft.

That’s because aeromedical services are our core business – not a side-product. As a result, our planes are equipped with state-of-the-art IC equipment, staffed with highly experienced medical teams and operated by seasoned pilots.

Our aeromedical services include:

  • Answering your aeromedical questions
  • Escorting and monitoring patients from everywhere to anywhere
  • Managing and providing (intensive) care from bed to bed, also in case of critical illness

We can take entire transports off your hands or send a medical team for parts of the journey – with one of our jet-aircraft or an established airline.



For Emergencies: Call +31-(0)85 0600 112

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information or read about our services.

Helping out is in our name

Planes have made the world rapidly smaller: we can reach every corner of the earth, and many of us travel extensively. But during a trip, people can fall ill or have an accident. In case of repatriation, we are auxiliary to any return home: it’s in our name!



Auxillia AeroMedical Assistance may be a new fish in the pond. Still, we bring with us over 25 years of experience in repatriation. We combine best practices with solid solutions to aviation, medical and repatriation challenges. The result: impeccable aeromedical service.


Brand Values


We employ board-certified Medical Specialists (BIG Registered and /or registered by the Bundesärztekammer) and many nurses are ICU or Ambulance registered. Our pilots are type rated and hold a valid EASA flight license.



Our staff has first-rate knowledge in the following fields: (emergency) anaesthesia, ICU, paediatric anaesthesia, paediatric ICU, cardiology, internal medicine, (trauma) surgery, and neurosurgery. Many of them also have military experience and have worked during disasters and pandemics. (EBOLA/COVID)


All medical team members have been extensively trained and have regular refresher training. For example, we aim for all teams to have ultrasound experience to enhance out-of-hospital medical troubleshooting.


Our medical escorts come equipped with well-stocked suitcases, our aircraft is instantly operational. We have an in-house flight ticket agency and a fully-equipped aircraft ICU. What we’re saying is: we employ state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

Crew Resource Management

We leverage ideas, routines, SOP’s, situational awareness and communication skills to prevent human error and enhance patient safety. As a result, we are a valuable asset to any team.


Need help but unsure of what it is you require? Feel free to give us a call, and we will help you out.


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